Thursday, 4 January 2007

Preparing the nest...

Now some of you might have been worried by the title for a second need. I am only referring to my nest as the place that will house and nurture my next wave of hard work and creativity. After all, my work is my baby. It is the thing I have a love/hate relationship can be rewarding but it can also be very frustrating. It can be magical and it can turn stale. In essence it is the rollercoaster ride that I have no doubt, I will ride for many years to come. It is only more recently that I am starting to notice patterns in my working habits. This has lead to me encouraging myself to go with them rather than pulling and pushing them in directions they will not. A struggle with one's natural patterns/cycle leaves one exhausted. Trust me, I have years of experience! After a long Christmas break where I have relaxed, enjoyed my friends' and family's company and generally re-grouped after last term, I feel the next work surge about to begin. It is rare for me not to be feeling guilty about not working but alas I have succeded. Tonight I tidied, cleaned and arranged my space, for tomorrow, I will begin the next stage in the cycle. Never, have I been one to strike a balance. it's just not me. End of story. I will go up and I will go down. If you are with me when I am up, take my hand and soar into a world of endless possibilities, colour, inspiration, magic and energy. If I am down, come and be peaceful with me. Snuggle under my warm fleecy blanket, drink camomile tea and imagine where the next magical journey may lead. After all, that doesn't sound too bad eh?!

Below, exert and image taken from a book I bought recently off ebay. It is a sixties original. The beautiful psychedelic illustrations are by Peter Max and the words are those of Swami Sivinanda.

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