Wednesday, 10 January 2007

I didn't realise how bad it was...

I have just finished watching Al Gore's documentary film on Climate change...scary stuff. It is all explained in a way that makes you understand the impact that global warming has had, and will continue to have on our environment if nothing is done. Very hard to know how we, as small insignificant people, compared to gigantic countires such as America and China, can do anything that will make a pin dot of difference. For someone who was often seen as a boring man before his possible term in power, Al Gore certainly has more sense than Bush could make from a child's first maths book. A powerful country needs a clever person, with a genuine concern for human nature, rather than greed and destructivness. After all America is the country that needs to cut their emissions etc the most out of any country in the world. San Francisco and Pensylvania are doing their bit. That leaves 48.whatever the rest of California takes up, states still sitting on their (fat) arses. Don't even get me started about obesity. I'll leave that one to Gillian McKeith and Jamie Oliver and whover their equivilants are In the U.S. Also don't get me wrong there are many Americans, that I had the pleasure to spend time with this summer, who feel exactly the same as me.

On another note, whilst watching the documentary I carried on with my entry for the next 'If You Could' book. The book was thought up by two friends on my course, Alex Bec and Will Hudson. The first issue was a big success. All entries follow the theme 'if you could do anything tomorrow, what would it be?' I am afraid to say it has nothing to do with Climate change unfortunately, as I had already started it. However it does beg the question of my role as an artist and how that could lead to me doing anything that might help people...teaching is a definitely/maybe but i'm not quite sure just yet. There are definitely ways I could be more irresponsible. At least I don't own a low cost airline.

Check Als and Wills' site for more details about submitting work for the next book (last entries at end of January)

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