Monday, 28 April 2008


We have been super super busy! Which is a good thing of course.
We have been working on a project for Nike and Nick Knight. That is being run by YCN. We get to go and design trainers at the end of may and do some live drawing in Nike town. I have been sourcing for inspiration down Lewisham TK MAX...Photobucket We spent the last couple of week juggling mannequin legs, balls, pots of paint, girl bands, giant scenery, lots of polystyrene and trying to get hours kip a night to keep us sane! On top of that last weekend Lauren and I did art department for a music video and met some wicked people while we were working on it. A lovely Brighton based artist called Pinky.Check out his site The video involved drawing on girls and making a bad boy gas mask. Set us a challenge and we will deliver! This week we are waiting on confirmation of a very big job that will take us working through until june! Very excited! Bring on the work, we will earn our sleep.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Big Stuff

The job we are working on at the moment involves making a huge big that our initial ideas of constructing, painting and beautifying dans le studio have had to be moved outdoors. We have put up a massive canopy to protect us from the weird weather of the moment...check it. It is a project for a new girl band called the Saturdays who will be touring with Girls Aloud in the summer. Watch this space - it's about to get colourful.