Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Metal Rocks @ the V&A this Friday

This Friday, we will be helping to host an activity at one of the popular 'Friday Lates' at the V&A Museum. The event is in conjunction with the new exhibition 'Metal Rocks' and is made up of various installations, workshops, stalls and activities. Jiggery Pokery will be collaborating with Lucie Gledhill and Autumn Abebrese to bring you a fun-packed solution to all you gambling and bling needs in the form of an edible jewellery arcade machine called 'The Half-Baked Arcade':


A few things I have been getting up to recently in between working and sleeping.

Visiting a really inspiring exhibition (following text taken from the Makezine blog):

"A derelict and soon to be demolished block of flats close to Elephant & Castle is the site for Art Angel's and Jerwood's latest commission Seizure by Roger Hiorns - a seductive cave of cobalt blue crystals. The realisation of the art work is a chemistry experiment on a grand scale. One of the bedsits in the block was made into a watertight tank and then filled with 90,000 litres of copper sulphate solution. As the solution was drained from the premises, over the space of a few weeks, it revealed a mesmerising space of sparkling blue crystal shards."

Unfortunately it finished on the 2nd November. For those of you who didn't see it and are sorely disappointed why not give it a go in your bedroom. Easy peasy.



Catching a quick Vietnamese on Kingsland Road in the planning stages of our upcoming shoot in the birthday issue of Volume Maggzine. You know how people say that dogs often look like their owners or vice versa... In a city that never sleeps, could this be the futuristic version of that observation??


A little trip to Argos in Haringey educated me as to just how far you can go with nail art i.e having 3D acrylic shapes molded and stuck onto your nails. These are the most eccentric I have seen. Apparently they were done in a shop down on Crown Dale near West Norwood if you fancy a pair.


Steppin' out on Halloween couldn't have been more exciting after we found these badboy little hat numbers in our favourite shop. Not sure who that is pretending to be Anna cos her hat definitely isn't in our gang.


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

IdN Magazine - v15n5: The Geometric Issue

We are featured in the new issue of IdN Magazine. Go get yourself a copy and cop an eyeful. Our good friend Vaughan Ward has a nice little feature too.



Also, if you haven't been yet, take yourself down to 'With Others' Finding Home, an exhibiton of photography by Liz Hingley and others (Ella Charles, Sara Smith, Katie Waters and Thomas Forsyth).

The exhibition responds to the activities and philosophy of the Emmaus communities and all proceeds go to the organisation.

Workshops and Fair trade coffee are available along with beautiful furniture and other odditys that are for sale including garments from Emmaus Community Shops that have been re-worked by fashion designers.

Tomorrow is the last day and as a big fan of Liz' and the others' work as well as the ethos behind Emmaus, I feel it is a very sensitive and beautifully executed exhibition - one not to be missed.


Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Big Blag Blog

Do you have any space-filling stuff that you would like Anna and I to take off your hands? Make some space in that house/garage/shed/skip of yours and help us out at the same time?! Or perhaps your family/lover/flatmates have stuff they want to get rid of?

We have a large personal project where we need to build 5 sets on a limited budget and could do with all the help we can get. Free would be amazing but if something is a bit special and you want a bit of money for it we can work something out. (Damaged stuff is cool too, we can work wonders on others' rubbish!)

We are looking for:

Coloured paint - as much as possible all bright colours gloss/matte/silk - Tins, tubes, spray paint. Full, half empty, scraps...whatever is going.

Fabric- glittery, sequined, silky, satin, parachute material, velvet, psychedelic, 50s, 60s, 70s (old curtains, bedspreads, dresses... any form whatsoever that these fabrics might come in, we'll take them!) + cushions (large and small).

Furniture- Tacky bed headboard (plastic, 80S... fake plastic versace esque... large and lavish or something along these lines that we can paint/adapt) Dressing screens, a vintage style wardrobe, a long dining table and chairs, any faux regency/grand looking chairs/sofas that are past their sell by date or just don't match the new roasted bracken paint job in your living room? Any heavily patterned rugs, unwanted dinner services, a Roll-top bath (metal or plastic, we'll find a way to transport it!), a corner sofa...Mirrors...OR ANYTHING that you might think of that isn't on this list but could be in keeping?

I am sure there will be more but if ANYONE can help with ANY of this, we would be eternally grateful!!


Lauren- 07976 796 789
Anna- 07931 348 00

P.s If you think this is a tall order I just saw an advert on Freecycle for two lifesize cutouts of RZA and 2PAC made of good old durable MDF- guaranteed to last a lifetime. Bargain and 'n' 'alf. So you just never know what you might find...