Tuesday, 11 November 2008

IdN Magazine - v15n5: The Geometric Issue

We are featured in the new issue of IdN Magazine. Go get yourself a copy and cop an eyeful. Our good friend Vaughan Ward has a nice little feature too.



Also, if you haven't been yet, take yourself down to 'With Others' Finding Home, an exhibiton of photography by Liz Hingley and others (Ella Charles, Sara Smith, Katie Waters and Thomas Forsyth).

The exhibition responds to the activities and philosophy of the Emmaus communities and all proceeds go to the organisation.

Workshops and Fair trade coffee are available along with beautiful furniture and other odditys that are for sale including garments from Emmaus Community Shops that have been re-worked by fashion designers.

Tomorrow is the last day and as a big fan of Liz' and the others' work as well as the ethos behind Emmaus, I feel it is a very sensitive and beautifully executed exhibition - one not to be missed.


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