Friday, 30 March 2007

Tank Magazine...

After finally finishing my exam project, I got my portfolio sorted and I had my interview at Tank Magazine on Wednesday. It was great to meet Masoud Golsorkhi, the editor and understand a little more about how Tank operates. He, in turn wanted to know what I was about, what I had taken form the course at Brighton and what my plans for the future were. He picked up on my love of set design within fashion photography and suggested I get some work experience doing window dressing too, which was cool. It was a smaller office than I imagined but a busy, dynamic environment nonetheless. I found it really interesting that all of the staff work together on projects. Everyone is briefed and then proposals are made and whoever has the best idea, runs that particular project. It was the same process that Ideo (a product design company in san-Fran) used and I really loved that idea when I visited them in February. This process spans not only across the magazine's articles but also the creative direction side and Tank TV, Tank Radio and O (the quarterly Observer magazine supplement that Tank publishes). So staff are involved in lots of exciting projects at the same time.

Since buying my first issue of Tank (issue 3 of Volume 2), Tank is a magazine that has continually inspired and surprised me. I bought that issue around 6 years ago and it was one of the influencing factors on me specialising in fashion at art foundation.

Masoud's 'Shot in the Dark' fashion story (left) with it's eerie, serpent-like women and ghostly feel to it and Thierry Van Biesen's colourful, kitsch. playful shoot were so different but both equally thought provoking. Then there was also a shoot by Lee Powers which included computer graphics over photographs of women, illustrating body jewellery. I was really inspired. Flirting with different sizes of magazine always kept Tank standing out from the over-crowded magazine rack too.

Not only is Tank full of ambitious fashion shoots but it has the same amount of interesting, witty articles and although they often address current issues, they don't only concentrate on latest, passing fads. Stylish and sophisticated, Tank is classic and each issue is precious as it is more timeless than many of its competitors. I can't think of one issue of Tank that I own which now looks really dated. Look out for the work of Wendy Bevan who has had some beautiful stuff in the last few issues of Tank-her photography is so surreal and reminded me of some of the stragely lit, mesmerising scenes in Children of Men.

So hopefully work experience this summer and who knows where that will take would be the most fantastic opportunity to be working for a magazine as they enter into their tenth year of publication, learn more about their history and understand how they aim to progress over the next ten years.

Dissertation done, exam project in, job interview over. Feel like I have had a bit of a sugar crash! Tired tired tired but very inspired to make that extra push as full on as possible!

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

a little summer sunshine

I'm on the beach as i type, this is great. Roll on summer, if only I didn't have any work to do!
Good luck to Lauren hitting the big smoke tomorow. Thinking of you xxx

Friday, 16 March 2007

I've lost the plot

Yes it's offical I have lost my marbles. Sleep is the only cure. Can anyone help me find an alan key so I can put my bed back together?

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

I feel refreshed by the whiteness!

At least when Anna finishes her project she can have a good clear out...although they are pretty, I am not too sure how useful a large Sara Moon print in a (amazingly kitsch) hideous 60s frame, a broken dressing screen covered in peeling Victorian decoupage and a little Sunrise mini-organ with rainbow keys, fake wood veneer front and the most beautiful logo, are going to be when i am done and dusted with uni! I am not even sure the organ works as I haven't tried fitting batteries yet but it is extraordinarily beautiful! I have had some serious offers for it already and I only picked it up at the Sunday market two days ago for £7! Bargain. I can't seem to upoad any images at the moment so you'll just have to wait for the final this space x

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

the story so far

I think I have gone a bit crazy , anyone want something white?

I just typed loads and lost it all AGGGHH. Oh well my little jokes are all lost in the matrix now.
Can anyone help me get gloss paint off my hands? I'm worried that my hands are going to stick to my hair while I sleep. More importantly I need to find a bed pronto, since I have terrorised my room. While Lauren has ben collecting pretty things for her photos I have been zapppping the life from my pretty things. When I'm done with this project i'm only ever buying pretty stuff EVER....

room 101

It's been a while... I have been busy working (and partying) While Lolli has been getting pretty things I have been sucking the life out of all the pretty things I own. I think I've started tripping out because of the fumes in my room, better find somewhere else to sleep quicktime! When i have finished this degree I'm investing in pretty things only and I never want to see another can of white paint as long as I live. Oh yeah does anyone have any sugestions for removing gloss paint without white sprit? I'm worried my hand will stick to my hair when I'm asleep...
P.S Who is that ugly geezer behind me and lauren on the photo? Answers on a postcard please...

Monday, 12 March 2007

A Dreamy Evening at the old curiosity shop...

We had fun on a Sunday afternoon!

Sunday, 4 March 2007

San francisco...Party Central!

Evidence that San Francisco was not only fun but slightly productive too...! Anna, Ness, Jess and I are currently in the process of compiling a little book of the best polaroids from the week. We went and visited Micheal Gillette, Hannah Stouffer (and Birdstand), The Small Stakes, Ideo and Hybrid Design. The visits were far more inspiring than my first time in San Fran and they were quite diverse. Similarly to New York, I was really pleased to see that the little books and gig posters that are produced by artists have a really beautiful hand-made feel. Screen-printing is still used loads and it makes everything I was given and collected to bring home more precious. Really made me want to draw more and I have lots of ideas for little self-promotion packages etc. bit of a reality check on the last day as I knew I was coming back to my exam project and had fully been indulging in a bit of escapism but IT'S ALL GOOD IN THE HOOD!

Anyone planning to go to San Fran soon check out Amoeba Music, Needles and Pens (bookshop), Giant Robot (gallery), Super 7, Harputs (for old school Adidas and other rare vintage classics at BARGAIN prices, Mel's diner, El Taqueria (delicious, cheap Mexican Food in the Mission), Mission Dolores Church, Creativity Explored, clam chowder in a sourdough bowl at pier 39, Haight Costume shop(lower Haight), Buena Vista Park for incredible views, Dotties true Blue Cafe (didn't go but heard it was amazing) Yerba Buana Centre....blah blah blah. the thrift stores are amazing too expecially in Mission.

Will add some more photos soon x