Sunday, 4 March 2007

San francisco...Party Central!

Evidence that San Francisco was not only fun but slightly productive too...! Anna, Ness, Jess and I are currently in the process of compiling a little book of the best polaroids from the week. We went and visited Micheal Gillette, Hannah Stouffer (and Birdstand), The Small Stakes, Ideo and Hybrid Design. The visits were far more inspiring than my first time in San Fran and they were quite diverse. Similarly to New York, I was really pleased to see that the little books and gig posters that are produced by artists have a really beautiful hand-made feel. Screen-printing is still used loads and it makes everything I was given and collected to bring home more precious. Really made me want to draw more and I have lots of ideas for little self-promotion packages etc. bit of a reality check on the last day as I knew I was coming back to my exam project and had fully been indulging in a bit of escapism but IT'S ALL GOOD IN THE HOOD!

Anyone planning to go to San Fran soon check out Amoeba Music, Needles and Pens (bookshop), Giant Robot (gallery), Super 7, Harputs (for old school Adidas and other rare vintage classics at BARGAIN prices, Mel's diner, El Taqueria (delicious, cheap Mexican Food in the Mission), Mission Dolores Church, Creativity Explored, clam chowder in a sourdough bowl at pier 39, Haight Costume shop(lower Haight), Buena Vista Park for incredible views, Dotties true Blue Cafe (didn't go but heard it was amazing) Yerba Buana Centre....blah blah blah. the thrift stores are amazing too expecially in Mission.

Will add some more photos soon x

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