Wednesday, 28 November 2007


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Watch out Southhampton... Jiggery Pokery are hitting very soon!!! Big love to Raz and Suki xxx

Dear Dierdre,

Should I be worried? I was walking back from Tescos with my bag full of tomatoes and tomato-based products earlier today and this was taped to the floor right at my feet...
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If I were the Queen...

...and I could choose my throne:
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Sunday, 25 November 2007


Sit on the stairs, cover your ears and pretend you're not there. Bet these little chaps were wishing they had enjoyed the rave a bit more, after it got locked off at 3am. I was only just getting started at that early hour. Better luck next time/weekend. Take me to a proper party any day of the week....
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Happy Birthday to Matt, it was nice to see all the crew out, just missing the girls working hard in brighton. Roll on the xmas party season so we can do it drunken girly style!!

Mika- Lollipop Girl

Anna just rang to tell me about this little gem as it was on T4. Might be an idea to turn the volume off but check it out- proper psychedelic. It is rare to see videos these days that look really authentically like they were made in the 60s/70s. Often these days they are influenced by this era but ruined by being made into super-clean, vectorised graphics. It is quite hard to see the detail in the video I have posted as it isn't amazing quality but if you catch it on TV you will see what I mean. When I bought the Yellow Submarine on video last year, I am a bit embarassed to say I watched it nearly every day for a couple of weeks. Obsessed.


I was really excited about the stage production of Desperately Seeking Susan as it has been one of my favourite films for years. Unfortunately the production has had really bad reviews and reflecting this, it is one of the only shows you can still book tickets for right near Christmas. Instead we are going to see 'Loft' at the Roundhouse in Chalk Farm. 'The Seven Fingers' is the name of the French- Canadian collective that put on the circus/theatre performance. They all trained and toured with Cirque du Soleil before forming their own group, They are only in London town for two weeks in December and I think they will put on an amazing show. (We're going to) make it a proper night out and go to Cottons or Belgo(Noord) for dinner too, both restaurants have really good Christmas set-menus. The Lock Tavern is a wicked pub to drink in too...always stocked up with Brothers Festival Strength Cider and plays really good music.

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Friday, 23 November 2007

The Abattoir

I was looking at Giulio Miglietta's website yesterday. His beautiful photographs of an abandoned hotel near Florence, in Italy reminded me a day in Brighton a few years ago where Laura Snell and I went up the derelict abattoir. It was a peculiar place and there had obviously been some parties in there since it had been abandoned. If only you could portray smell through photographs because the stench of dead flesh was extreme. Someone had also bizarrely made a heart shape out of dead flies near the entrance but unfortunately it had blown away before we had the chance to photograph it. The abattoir became a bit of a local graffiti hall of fame before it was finally condemned. It was a beautifully eerie collection of buildings that have a very different feeling to the hotel Giulio photographed. They are both intriguing in their own way. Check his lovely black and white photographs here. He helped Anna and I massively with our piƱata project for YCN and made us laugh so much. He is a very inspiring, driven person and all this comes through on his website.

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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Best Cards EVER!

Never be my boyfriend or I WILL send you fabulous tat to junk-up your life. I found THESE little wonders today in my new favourite shop, which Anna and I seem to be visiting on an average of three times a week. The dusty archives have just got a new lease of life. You just wait for the lovely little Christmas treats we have in store. How could we resist when we have discovered a shop full of forgotten bygones, which will not be bygones because we have bought them all.
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Anyone wanna come dress up cutlets with me?

Comeclose and Sleepnow

it is afterwards
and you talk on tiptoe
happy to be part
of the darkness
lips becoming limp
a prelude to tiredness.
Comeclose and Sleepnow
for in the morning
when a policeman
disguised as the sun
creeps into the room
and your mother
disguised as birds
calls from the trees
you will put on a dress of guilt
and shoes with broken ideals
and refusing coffee

Roger McGough

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Batty Irish

& What???????

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Party Time

What a ridiculous(ly amazing) print for a jumper. A weekend of wedding celebrations and a jumper to fit it, found in a supermarket in Killarney. Yes mate.

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Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Bargain Basement Meets Art Deco

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Another day, another project. Tomorrow will see the installation of our next piece, an opticians window display. Gold, black and fluoro, a slight Christmas tease but holding off until a more suitable time to put the actual Christmas display in (Christmas is still over a month away for those already packing stockings?!?!).

The photo shoots at the weekend were top banana. I wish I could display the results but they are strictly secret until the first issue of Disclosure Magazine comes out in December. I was in the BIGGEST mood ever because after setting everything up on Saturday afternoon for the front-cover shoot, a sky-full of moody clouds reared their ugly heads. Luckily for us (and everyone/thing in my war path at this point) we were thinking of packing up and sacking it all off, when we decided to do a couple of face and compositional shots anyway. Much to our disbelief, the sun started seeping through the grey and we were flooded by the most beautiful golden light you have ever seen. Ask Will Robson-Scott how bloody hard it is to try and make gliter sparkle on demand...not easy and extremely frustrating. As if by magic, the sky cleared completely to a vivid blue colour and we were bathing in crisp, winter light. The glitter sparkled its little toes off and our (very patient) models (thanks Lucy and Becky!) hung in there and sorted us right out with some well nice shots. Top wicked. Chip-Shop whoppin'.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Grab a bargain. Chilli and a jacket spud - £2.99. Great hat - £1.99. Sweet.
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Thursday, 1 November 2007