Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Bargain Basement Meets Art Deco

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Another day, another project. Tomorrow will see the installation of our next piece, an opticians window display. Gold, black and fluoro, a slight Christmas tease but holding off until a more suitable time to put the actual Christmas display in (Christmas is still over a month away for those already packing stockings?!?!).

The photo shoots at the weekend were top banana. I wish I could display the results but they are strictly secret until the first issue of Disclosure Magazine comes out in December. I was in the BIGGEST mood ever because after setting everything up on Saturday afternoon for the front-cover shoot, a sky-full of moody clouds reared their ugly heads. Luckily for us (and everyone/thing in my war path at this point) we were thinking of packing up and sacking it all off, when we decided to do a couple of face and compositional shots anyway. Much to our disbelief, the sun started seeping through the grey and we were flooded by the most beautiful golden light you have ever seen. Ask Will Robson-Scott how bloody hard it is to try and make gliter sparkle on demand...not easy and extremely frustrating. As if by magic, the sky cleared completely to a vivid blue colour and we were bathing in crisp, winter light. The glitter sparkled its little toes off and our (very patient) models (thanks Lucy and Becky!) hung in there and sorted us right out with some well nice shots. Top wicked. Chip-Shop whoppin'.

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