Monday, 13 October 2008


To document the change from summer to Autumn these are now making up a window display - a sticky mess amongst autumn leaves. Sarah Fotheringham and I were up super early today to document our recent projects but I don't have the final images back yet. I am going to wait and put them up on the website when I know how to do it properly. In my recent attempt to update the site I got a bit over ambitious and kind of messed it up... Oh well it could have been worse and I have to learn somehow!


I made some post cards today. They are for a RCA show where you don't know who the post card is done by untill you buy it. I made one inflateble, after a long day at work I'm sure it's taken me longer than it should have to do this! They all have the pound shop in common! I knew buying all these bits and bobs had a reason! Long live the magpie inside me.

Sunday, 12 October 2008


Don't you just love it when you meet people who are on the same wavelength and you sit and talk through ideas for a project and it feels a bit like there is magic in the air. Well that's what happened yesterday when Anna and I went to meet up with Chloe Richardson (Stylist) and Julia Kennedy (Fashion Photographer)...Even if I was totally hungover, with a bruise the size of a large fried egg on my leg and no recollection as to how I got it. I am fairly certain that a big adventure is about to begin...

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Ice-Cream Sunday

A big thanks to everyone who made it down. The vibe was cosy and colourful, the tunes made us smile and the ice-cream cone cakes went down well. Thanks to our brilliant DJs, Mr Wonderful, Mr.Bit, Alex Sheridan, Moxie, Rattus Rattus & Klose One (and Session for making it on his way back from Marrakech even if he didn't get to spin any tunes in the end!). We will be hitting the Vibe Bar on Brick Lane to decorate it up for a big Halloween party on the 31st October so make sure you get your fake blood and fangs out and come and join us for a bop.


In the meantime, if you liked the music you heard at Ice-Cream Sunday or didn't make it but want a good night out, check out Nuts to Soup and Onra where Mr Wonderful will be playing amongst others tomorrow night: or

or City Lights next Saturday @ Bar Rumba: (Sorry hyperlinks not working at the moment so you'll have to do a good old fashioned bit of copying and pasting)