Sunday, 21 January 2007

A Good Day

Have just got back from London...Very tired but had a very inspiring weekend. I Went to V&A yesterday as I mentioned in an earlier blog. The talk was amazing and I met Mary Quant and Barbara Hulanicki. They were so lovely and it made me feel very jealous of how un-cut-throat the fashion industry was then, compared to today's industry. Lots of fun, creativity, parties and genuine friendships. LOVE it! I also got a few AMAZING quotes to slip into my dissertation. Particularly from Paul Gorman who has written a book called 'The Look' which documents the cultural changes of the 60s and the impact on music, fashion, art, lifestyle etc. I didn't actually use it for my dissertation but it would have been perfect research material. He often works in Brighton on 60s inspired projects so I got his email address which could lead to some fun stuff. Today i met up with Andrea who i worked for in New York to go to the V&A again and then catch up over dinner. We were plotting how we can get Anna and I over to New York with as little money as possible involved. She suggested doing a course of some sort...maybe a part time course in Set design, styling, visual merchandising etc which would earn us a student visa but we've got to find out about costs. Also that would mean going over in September...scary! Why not though-might as well get my teeth stuck into something straight away!

Also our website is finished apart form a problem we are having centralising the pages when it opens in your web browser but hey ho. I've come to the decision that maybe it will just NEVER be completely finished...or to put it more optimistcally....ever-evolving! Anyway check it out...

I'm off to some friends' house to watch a funny film. Night x

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