Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Anna and I are having our first exhibition, in Brighton. We are also bringing it to London at the end of October but we felt it was fitting to have the first one in the birthplace of Jiggery Pokery. It opens on 10th October which is very very soon and is at the Artist Residence Hotel Gallery. It is called Hanky-Panky and we are très excited about it. It will be a somewhat mischievous visual feast for the eyes. Watch this space for more. You can see some of the recent exhibitions at the Artist Residence Gallery here on Luke Tudor Griffiths' blog Wish we had made it down to Pinky's show. His stuff is Maravilloso:


Now I must get on with the Stencil for our 'Rest is Noise' Brixton pub window display extravaganza. I am quite scared about this possible post strike today as I am waiting in for important stuff that might not arrive on time. Bah humbug.

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