Monday, 30 March 2009


So, I timidly begin this blog, knowing full well that I have not posted for yeonks. I have been putting it off as I just don't know where to begin. So much has happened in the last few months. Back from my adventures in Hawaii, I am in a period of transition and still don't quite feel settled again yet. Mainly, this is because I am anxiously waiting for my new house to be in a liveable state so that I can move in and make it homely. There has been lots of ripping out walls, ceilings, floors and then electrics, plumbing and plastering. I have been grafting where possible but I have left the boys to the heavy work and I will get involved with the painting and interior stuff. Choosing kitchens, and trying to locate a cheap, salvaged spiral staircase (Victorian ornate or repro Victorian ornate....) are high on the agenda. If anyone has any links for staircases, send 'em this way! I am aching to distribute the wealth of oddities contained in my not-so-big bedroom throughout my new house. This includes three cocktail cabinets, a number of mannequin parts, numerous tool boxes, hundreds and millions of books... I even had a clear out but it doesn't look any different! Cabin fever to say the least.

Apart from the move, I have been busy catching up with friends, fam and the work crew. Anna and I have hopefully got a few very exciting projects coming up so watch this space. Other than that, whilst Anna is busy getting down to work with her MA, I have a couple of new solo ventures that I am about to embark on. I have been busy sketching, researching sourcing and planning. All I need now is my own little studio corner to get making. All will be revealed very soon. One venture is inspired by my time in Hawaii and I got my first tattoo, en route to the airport as a little souvenir/symbol to get me started:



I thought it would really hurt but it didn't. That is kind of scary as I fear I may go back for more...

Now I have done this first blog, I feel ready to grace the page with more posts about my time in Hawaii. First I eat dinner though.

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