Monday, 17 March 2008

padding and stuffing

Another week another project or two under our belts. Earlier in the week we met our good friend Sarah Fotheringham and made some more headway with a little film we are concocting between us. Lauren and I filled our suitcases and wheelie trollies and dragged them to Sarah's and built yet another Mexican inspired scenario. Photobucket
Keep your eyes peeled for more on this shortly!
Also I have been finishing my props for the Topshop window. I install it on tuesday night. I have had help from a great assistant called Dion and Ruairi's long arms came in handy with the boards and reams of fabric. PhotobucketPhotobucketI'm quite pleased with how it looks, since the bloke in my local upholstery shop did a lot of tutting, umming and erring and made me feel slightly inadequate. My mum did point out that he had probably taking a good couple of years to learn how to do it and I was going in there expecting to be told how to do it in two days! If any real upholsters are reading I'm sorry if I have butchered the job in hand! I can't wait untill it's all in the window and I can stop thinking about it anymore!

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