Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Homemade Dens

When I was little I used to get all my Mum and Dads' Indian drapes, crochet blankets, sheets and throws and make amazing dens in the living room and garden and sit in them and eat Dolly Mixture out of my favourite little yellow plastic bowl with red hearts on it. I was thinking about starting to make dens again (especially after seeing Jurgen Bey's 'Linen-Cupboard-House' in Telling Tales at the V&A). Today I noticed on Facebook that Booooooom.com has an ongoing project called Wild Things Forts. Inspired by the eagerly awaited film Where the Wild Things Are Booooooom.com has asked people to create their own dens, fill them with things they love and send in a snapshot to be featured online. The deadline was October 12th for Wild Things Forts IV so unfortunately I missed it :(. Ahhh well, might make one anyway - just for fun.


Ulrika Kestere


Jamie Shaw

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tom bird said...

i'm making one for my new project! gonna be schweet.