Monday, 12 October 2009

Brighton Show

Soooo unfortuantely we had to postpone our Brighton Show for various reasons. We will still be having one in London and hopefully re-arranging the one in Brighton for sometime soon so please watch this space.

Disappointed about the lack of show, I decided to go back down to Brighton on Saturday night anyway. Managed to blag two last minute guestlists for The Blind Tiger Club's fabulous Speakeasy which happened to be going on in a very beautiful, grand and fitting building opposite the Corn Exchange. Walked in on my friend Cordelia Fellowes and her band Gypsy Squat Pop Project playing in the basement-great surprise. The Correspondents (thanks for the tickets Ian!) were AMAZINGLY fun too. (Sweaty) dancing and drinking and lying on the beach chatting in the early hours. Perfect Brighton night. If only I had known it was 1920's affair... A bit out of place in my 70's psychedelic dress.

I also found a great wooden vintage shield/crest thingy in the Sunday Market (which was much better when it was in the train station car park. Boo hoo), got muddled up amongst a Bikers convention, ate the world's best roast at the Yeoman on Guildford Road AND ate frozen yogurt from the Lick on Gardner street which reminded me of L.A. YUM. Best fun EVER.

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