Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Well in London town life is not so glamorous! Byrony, Miren and I spent a good hour digging a doggy litter tray to make a floor for a video we are art directing last week. Cold wet and really gross when two dogs came to frolic and piss all over the pile of wood chip. Photobucket
But we had fun times especially with a drum on the old street roundabout. The video will be out next week so I can show you more.
Also I have spent the last few days working like a mad lady (nothing changes) I got a bargain at a photocopy shop, as the owner decided that I looked hungry and halved the price of my prints and told me to eat some lunch! Brilliant. I'm working on a shot for I Love Fake magazine and the theme is 'Fame' which is right up my street. Lots of muscle men and cameras. My room looks strange at the mo!
Also Lauren and I have out fruit machine being displayed at the Royal Collage of Art Jewellery work in progress show. Lucy Gledhill has done a wicked animation and curation for it. Despite my bad phone photo the show is well worth a look at there are some really beautiful things.

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GGP said...

haha - you gals make me laugh. Such funky groovy chic's.. Speaking of groovy gals, check out my blog....