Sunday, 13 July 2008

Fresh Garments

I went out to track down another shirt like this:


but a blue one with some sort of red and white flower detail and ended up going for the wild card instead:


A weekend of adventures; much sourcing, many drawings, lots of birthdays of people called Alex, some crazy live/work spaces, all culminating in an amazing performance by Jimmy Cliff at Rise Festival. Unfortunately for us and as much of a surprise to him, the soundsystem was turned off (mid-song!) before he had the chance to perform his two most legendary songs. I assume that the license ran out at 8.30 and figured that because he came on late, this was the reason he (shamefully) got cut-off. Is it just me or could England do with relaxing the rules every now and again?! Today I felt ashamed to be a Londoner...

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