Thursday, 6 September 2007

YCN Alphabet

Our latest piece of work is for YCN. We were commissioned to customise a bespoke letter 'J' for the next YCN book. Other designers and illustrators were comissioned to do the same. The results will be used to illustrate the book. Hopefully there might also be a photographic feature on us, as our creation is interactive. We decided to make a Mexican piñata after taking the initials JP for Jiggery Pokery and coming up with 'jackpot'. A piñata is a hollow shape made from papier mache which is then brightly painted and decorated. It can be shaped as whatever you want i.e an animal, a flower...Inside it is usually filled with sweets and children take turns to beat it with a stick, blindfolded, until it breaks and the sweets spill out. However, our piñata is not conventional and no amount of questioning from Alex at YCN has made us disclose our secrets! Here are some photos from start to finish taken in what is now my bedroom, come studio, sitting room, gallery, office and antique shop:

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